Saturday, 15 February 2014

Bring on the Falsettos!

Thank goodness this week for boys singing falsetto - even though hardly any of them made it through, they at least made The Voice bearable tonight. (I am a total sucker for boys singing falsetto, which I may have mentioned once or twice before on this blog).

I'm not here to talk about warblers. People with voices that are ten a penny, who sound like at least five other singers already in the charts. That doesn't interest me at all - unfortunately I seem to be in a minority.

 Never before have I watched so many weeks of a talent show without finding a single act I can root for. I was actually beginning to dread writing this blog because I have found The Voice so completely devoid of talent this year, so I was overjoyed tonight to see some really original, quirky acts. This series I am now officially backing Callum Crowley, although it's hard to tell - am I clinging desperately onto him as someone vaguely good to root for, or is he genuinely brilliant?

In the same way that the coaches are becoming more buzzer-happy as they run out of time to fill their teams, I am becoming more eager to latch on to people. So I also liked Kiki De Ville this week. And I LOVED Paul Raj, what was with the not turning for him?? I hope he's right up there with Miles Anthony this time next year, storming the charts with a big f** you to The Voice.

Just seven places left next week for the final blind audition episode. And by the looks of the previews, somebody is going to reduce Will I Am to tears...or is he just lamenting all the great singers he's let walk away? Tune in next week for your The Voice gossip fix.

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