Saturday, 11 January 2014

All Hail The Return Of The True King of TV Talent Shows

For anyone who's been reading my humble blog up until now, I'm going to say something that might surprise you:

I hugely prefer The Voice to the X Factor. Sshh, don't tell Simon Cowell.

I love the suspense of the will they/won't they spinning chairs. I love the much higher standard of talent because the acts are headhunted. I love the fact that the acts aren't afraid to take risks and be creative. I can imagine some of these amazing artists who go on The Voice being told by Louis Walsh "I just can't see ye selling records" and I cringe. I don't care that the show hasn't produced a successful artist yet - that's the fault of the BBC, their lack of music connections and management know-how. It doesn't mean that the artists aren't good enough.

I really enjoyed tonight. As far as the new judges go - Ricky seems so passionate and enthusiastic, and certainly has more going on upstairs than Danny O'Donohue (sorry Danny, I do love you but you know I speak the truth). Ditto Kylie, and she is so much less annoying than Jessie J, which in my book now makes The Voice nigh-on the perfect TV talent show.

The first act of tonight I loved. Kylie described him as "otherworldly" - this is exactly the kind of creative artist who would go waaaay over Louis Walsh's head. The last guy was good too, the one from The Streets. The trouble is, I find myself constantly comparing everyone to my favourite Voice audition ever:

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