Sunday, 15 December 2013

And The Winner Is....

Well, there you have it. The lady with the big voice who has been the obviously frontrunner since....ooh, pretty much the first week. Although I like Sam, I have to say I detest that winner's single, far too yelpy and wailey (Sam Wailey?) for my liking.

It's been an emotional rollercoaster of a series, and like I said at the start of this blog, not nearly as bad as many people are making out. Ok, so the final pulled in a record low of 8 million viewers, but I don't give a monkeys - 8 million is still a lot of people, and I for one have enjoyed every minute.

My last few random thoughts - where was Lorna during the group ensemble? Banned for bad-mouthing the show? According to the Daily Mail, Sam Bailey has already started having a bit of a pop at the X Factor. She better watch herself, or she'll be in the Tesco bargain bin faster than you can say 'Matt Cardle'.

Speaking of the lovely Matt, watching the contestants all mob Sam while she performs her winners single reminds me of 2010, when Harry Styles was clearly seen whispering in Matt's ear: 'You're going to get so much p**sy'. Isn't it funny how things turn out?

Join me in a couple of months when I'll be fondly blogging The Voice. Very excited about the new line up, I hear Kylie's been really good and Ricky Wilson has been quite the razor sharp wit.

Until then, farewell, readers!

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