Sunday, 8 December 2013

Semi-Final Results...dun dun durrrr!

This is a very condensed post tonight because I've been on a rare night out, which killed me knowing I was missing such a crucial stage of the competition, but hey, family birthday and all. So I whizzed through all the Leona/Buble glitz and went straight for the results.

Luke disappointed me in the sing-off. It was like he was trying to do a carbon copy of last week's 'Run' but had to start it in such a low register that it was quite uncomfortable to listen to. Not that Rough Copy were much better - they can be really flat sometimes.

Blogging this live as we speak....GET IN THERE! I bloody knew it would go to deadlock and I bloody knew Luke would poll more than Rough Copy. See what happens when you try to manipulate us, producers? No offence to Rough Copy, who as you may remember were my favourites before the lives. I have no doubt they will still do well. But Luke so deserved that spot in the final, look how happy he looks! Aww, bless! I do love this show!

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