Sunday, 10 November 2013

Big Band Week: The Results

Well, the public certainly don't seem to be taking to Hannah do they? Second time in the bottom two, and second time saved by the judges. I have no idea why -  I mean, I personally hated her performance last night, but I can recognise that she has a lovely tone and genuine vocal talent. James Arthur is championing her to win - maybe because he's such an unpleasant person Hannah is getting tarnished with the same brush? I have no idea.

Regardless, it was Abi for the chop this week, and we got a montage of her X Factor journey which reminded us all what a lovely, folksy, unique singer/songwriter she was at the start before themes like disco week made it impossible for her to showcase her true self. Gary told her off for not showing enough passion until it came to the sing off, but how is a folksy singer/songwriter supposed to show passion when lumbered with Kylie and disco numbers? Abi was well and truly stitched up a la Janet Devlin if you ask me.

My predictions were way off this week. I promise to do better next week, when we'll be sampling the delights of the Great British Songbook. A nice, broad theme which should allow the acts to be themselves a bit more. Join me again next week, and in the meantime follow my random X Factor observations on Twitter @marmalade_cat.

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