Friday, 1 November 2013

X Factor 2013 in 'Not The Worst Series Ever' Shocker

It's the tenth anniversary of X Factor this year and some are saying the show is stale. Viewer ratings are lower than ever, armchair critics are saying the UK has run out of talent and we've been reduced to scraping the barrel. So it might seem like a really odd time to start a brand new blog about TV talent shows.

But you know what? I don't care. I've lived and breathed X Factor ever since G4 blew me away with their first audition (they were robbed, curse you Steve Brookstein!) X Factor is all I ever talk about when it's on, and ditto The Voice and Britain's Got Talent. So I figured it's about time I put my knowledge and passion for  these shows into a blog - not least to give my friends and colleagues' ears a rest.

Despite popular opinion, X Factor for me has been shamazing this year! It's been a rollercoaster - I was gutted Paul Akister didn't get through Judges Houses and was disappointed that I had no real standout favourites going into the lives. But as is often the way, some HUGE talent is creeping out the woodwork as the finalists grow in confidence and find their niche.

Firstly, what can I say about Luke Friend? That boy is talent with a capital T. I loved his first audition but forgot about him for a while because it was shown in the first episode. First couple of shows I was a bit "meh" and then week 3 - bam! He plays the guitar, sings my favourite song Kiss From A Rose and gives it a totally new rocky edge and I'm hooked. He has written some great original material too - check this out for starters:

I predict Luke Friend will be this year's Little Mix - the one nobody really notices at the start but he grows and improves massively as the weeks go on. The dark horse of the competition if you ask me.

Sam Bailey is another star. On paper she could come across as cheesy or cruise ship, but in reality she is just note-perfect, and can hit the big notes like nobody's business.

Nicholas McDonald (in my head I call him Little Nicky, I just can't help myself) is another amazing voice. It just seems so effortless with him - and did you know he's ONLY SIXTEEN?!

Tamera lacks likeability. I predict a shock exit netting her 4th place, just like Cher Lloyd and Misha B, who had a similar problem. Sam C. doesn't deserve the flack he's getting for his voice - he's an ok singer. Kingsland Road - cheesy, annoying haircuts, Gary isn't showcasing them to the best of their ability. Rough Copy could have been amazing with an RnB/New Jack Swing vibe but their song choices are abysmal. And Abi - well, put it this way - I cringe behind the sofa with embarrassment for her when she comes on. Oops I almost forgot Hannah - she's getting overshadowed by Tamera but I like her tone and her big, jazzy voice.

Disco week coming up tomorrow and the song list is as follows *spoiler alert*

Hannah Barrett - Somebody Elses Guy
Abi Alton - I Will Survive
Kingsland Road - Blame It On The Boogie
Luke Friend - Play That Funky Music
Sam Callahan - Relight My Fire
Rough Copy - September
Tamera Foster - Wishing On A Star
Sam Bailey - No More Tears (Enough Is Enough)
Nicholas McDonald - Rock With You

I'm excited/intrigued/nervous about some of the song choices here - especially for my Lukey. What do you think? Predictions for bottom 2? Please comment below!

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