Saturday, 2 November 2013

Shake Your Glitterballs! It's Disco Week

Shocking news this week as minutes before the live show it was reported that the flash vote has been axed! Well, okay, apparently just "resting" for this week so that Nile Rodgers and Chic could perform their medley of disco hits. And what a medley it was! I love me a bit of disco and hopefully this helped to introduce the genre to the younger viewers (Are you listening little Nicky? That's D.I.S.C.O. because of course, you're ONLY SIXTEEN!!)

Gah, I'm watching Xtra Factor as I type this and Nicole, stop fiddling with those goddamn hair extensions! I don't know what she was on this week but I think a finger in a plug socket before the show might explain a lot. Anyway, on with the review of tonight's performances:

Luke Friend -
You know how I feel about Luke. 100% #friendie all the way. I was worried about this song choice but he aced it, perfect song choice for him. I hate to sound like Louis but he's like a little Lenny Kravitz. Thank goodness for the axe of the flash vote because the extra 24 hours mean he won't be penalised for going on first (especially on a night like tonight when the young folks are out at Halloween and bonfire parties and maybe some other people are - shock horror - watching Strictly before switching over).

Kingsland Road -
When one of these chaps said they were nervous about the dance moves, it made me feel a bit sorry for this group as I don't think they really wanted to be lumbered with the Take That Mark 2 label. I have a feeling there's a bit of talent and credibility hidden away here. Anyway, I enjoyed the performance. It's hard to diss anyone tonight because Disco is so fun.

Tamera Foster -
She couldn't go wrong with Wishing On A Star, it's a beautiful song and she delivered it faultlessly. But does anyone else think this girl is dead behind the eyes? There's no connection with the audience - even on the VT she doesn't make proper eye contact, as if there's a mask there that could slip at any moment. It puts me right off.

Sam Callahan -
Poor Sam. What was with the boxing motif for a start? Did anyone else notice he fluffed his words? It wasn't mentioned by the judges but instead of "the world would be wild for the dream, so baby don't turn away listen to what I gotta saaaaay" he started repeating the first verse, so it came out "I've gotta say I only dream of you, so baby don't turn away..." MASSIVE CRINGE. He seems like a nice guy but I have a feeling he's in trouble tomorrow night.

Abi Alton -
Pleasantly surprised here. Obviously her interpretation of I Will Survive will be compared to that of The Voice's Leah McFall, but I thought it was a cute little piano ditty and suited her down to the ground. A shame it kind of ruined the disco vibe, but I think this will see her safe through to next week.

Nicholas McDonald -
Little Nicky looked uncomfortable at first on that podium with dancers gyrating around him, and the song started off in quite a low register which only exposed his nerves more. But once the beat picked up he sounded amazing. He's my second favourite in the competition, really cute and likeable aswell.

Rough Copy -
These guys seem to go down really well tonight on the Twittersphere. Personally, I thought their vocals were a little weak and too reliant on backing vocals (was that even them at all in the falsetto chorus??) But it was nice to see them doing uptempo for a change, more of this in future please gentlemen!

Hannah Barrett -
She has a beautiful jazzy voice but a few really annoying habits she needs to watch out for. The first is her cockney tendency to round off the "L" sound at the end of words (last week it was "Skyfawwwww", this week it was "Make me feewww so reawwww". I also don't like it when she goes into a super-low register, it sounds forced and uncomfortable.

Sam Bailey -
Faultless as always. And doesn't she look amazing with all that weightloss and glitzy jumpsuitedness? She is a pro and I can't criticise a thing about her.

Bottom 2 predictions? Before the show I was confident in either Abi, Kingsland Road or Sam C. but some surprising performances have blown this somewhat open. I'm going with Sam C. and some kind of nasty shock. I know who I've got on my speed dial (*cough* Luke Friend *cough* 090 20 50 51 01)

Tune in tomorrow for my verdict! And as always cannot wait for the pure cheese that is the group performance.

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